The words I Should Roll sit to the right of a rainbow-coloured twenty-sided die. A rainbow swooshes out of the die to the right, over the words.

I Should Roll

a Mass Effect fan podcast

definitely Commander Shepard's favourite podcast on the Citadel

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A screenshot from Mass Effect 1 shows the shiftiest space cow you ever did see on a green hill with a moon silhouetted in the sky. It will steal your credits with its long orange tentacle-like hands.


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The text Ride of the Valkyrie is superimposed over a pair of silhouetted stylized wings.

2184: Ride of the Valkyrie

This campaign, set in 2184, features the daring crew of the MSV Valkyrie attempting to track down a fugitive from justice!

The text Dangerous Dangers is superimposed over a silhouette of a black hole.

2189: Dangerous… Dangers

This campaign features an unlikely bunch of allies teamed up to solve a mystery that may not be all it seems...

A spiral galaxy swirls in a starfield.

About the World

Post-canon aspects of the I Should Roll stories come from our GM's personal headcanons. Here's a primer!

Six street performers wearing white mime makeup and clothes in various shades of black, white, and gray pose in a tableau. They are sitting in pairs and appearing to have conversations with each other. Behind them a large crowd of passers-by mills.

Meet The Cast

I Should Roll features a brilliant cast of voice actors spanning the globe.

An androgynous person sits in an open window. They are wearing a white shirt, black suspenders, a light hat with a stripe above the brim, and glasses. They are balancing papers against their knees, which they are reading. The open window shows a dense starfield beyond. The whole picture is tinted blue, with pink highlights.

About the System

ISR uses a homebrew system, which you can read about here.