Dangerous… Dangers

The text Dangerous Dangers is superimposed over the silhouette of a stylized black hole.

Jesse Westcott has a problem. Namely, he's missing a good chunk of his memories, and all his crewmates. What's a sentinel to do when he's got a month of shore leave and nowhere to be? Why, seek out the best detective on the Citadel and track down his missing friends, naturally. This elcor in the pink trilby seems reputable. They are known to be level-headed creatures…

State of the Galaxy

January 2189. The Reaper War has been over for two and a half years. The galaxy is slowly rebuilding after the omnicide of over twenty billion sapients. The batarian Hegemony lies in ashes, and the tiny remaining batarian population has settled on the storm-tossed planet of Yamm to create the Batarian Assembly. The geth have awoken after lying dormant for two years, and now live across the galaxy. The raloi, ao, and rachni have all rejoined galactic civilization. The STG overthrew the Salarian Union and established the League of Organized National Executives. The krogan are terraforming Tuchanka under the guidance of Urdnot Bakara and Urdnot Wrex, who lead the Unified Krogan Republics.

Earth is scorching under the heat of Sol, which has undergone mysterious fluctuations since the war ended. While a Cerberus splinter group called Minos controlled the planet for some months, they have recently been ousted, and the planet is once again under the banner of the Systems Alliance. The Citadel Council now includes representatives from all fifteen major races, with the exception of the drell, who are represented by the hanar. For further details, please see the Codex.

Meet Our Cast!

Whether you're facing dangerous dangers or your garden-variety dangers, these are the crew you want at your side. Probably.

Athena Hellier

I'm just gonna stop you right there...

A rebel without a cause, an information broker, and a wild card 'diplomat' walk into a bar… and they're all the same person: Athena Hellier. Happy to fall in and out of situations as they present, the mercurial human is at once more cunning and more kind than she lets on. If she were to find a cause that actually gripped her mind and heart, it could spell salvation—or destruction—for those in her sights.


  • species: human
  • pronouns: she/her
  • age: 32
  • height: 1.73m/5'8"
  • weight: 68 kg/149 lbs
  • class: adept/diplomat


Irritable: For Jacques' sake...

On Thunawanuro she stands beside
Herself, aching for dreams she shrouds
From all. To slip from home, to catch a ride
Upon a ship, to live her way — aloud.
“Alas the mercenary life’s humbling
For me.” Leorlyn mused, bemused. Amused,
The crews be, to see this elcor bumbling
Gracelessly. “How’ll I see my state improved?”
T’was sudden when opportunity struck —
A deal awry! In chaos, flying swift
Toward hope: The Citadel. A stroke of luck,
New work she found, and in her midst, a gift.
From earth, a sleuth, a kindred spir’t! Now lo,
Detective work she’ll do; This new Clouseau.


  • species: elcor
  • pronouns: she/her
  • age: 124
  • height: 2m/6'7"
  • weight: "Coquettishly: A lady never tells."
  • class: vanguard/detective

Jesse Westcott

Wow. Big place.

Jesse Westcott was a hotshot N7 Marine vanguard, known for charging to the front lines of any mission. After a strange mission left him comatose, he wakes up in a post-Reaper universe which he doesn't fully understand. Determined to find the truth of what happened on that mission, Jesse vows to be a shield instead of a spear and honor the memories of those he lost.


  • species: human
  • pronouns: he/him
  • age: 31
  • height: 1.82m/6'
  • weight: 95 kg/210 lbs
  • class: sentinel/N7 Paladin


We enjoy this human delicacy of ramen...

Born in the crystalline cities of Suen, Solace-Within-Clay discovered their interest in intergalactic cuisine after they ventured out of the nest. Although they found other species’ food unusual, they found its intricacies and the differing cultural aspects involved to be quite fascinating. Even though people might think them a weird bug chef, Solace’s pursuit of the culinary arts remains strong.


  • species: rachni
  • pronouns: they/them
  • age: 1
  • height: 1.8m/5'11"
  • weight: 143 kg/315 lbs
  • class: soldier/cook

Ravanor Vraga

Do not make me turn this tomkah around!

If you asked Ravanor Vraga's shaman sisters to describe her, you would get three words: resolute, protective, and alarming. Therefore, it was no surprise to Urdnot Bakara when Vraga informed her she would be leaving the shaman order. Now, she uses her fighting prowess as a mercenary, and she sends every credit back home. Nothing means more to the Thresher Mawm than restoring her home to its former glory.


  • species: krogan
  • pronouns: she/her
  • age: 459
  • height: 2.03m/6'8"
  • weight: 210 kg/462 lbs
  • class: vanguard/shaman