Meet Our Cast!

The face of a young, smiling, African-American woman with glasses.

Alanya Campbell


Heya! I’m a novice voice actor from the East Coast and I’m slowly honing my craft. I have some experience with TTRPGs and I’m excited to get to play with my fellow actors. I’ve been a casual fan of Mass Effect for years, so I’m happy to get into a project that involves one of my favorite franchises (and help create some great moments in the game)! Other than that, I enjoy video games, anime, and podcasts.

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An illustration of the head and shoulders of a white woman with shoulder-length, reddish-brown, wavy hair. She has white glasses, snaggleteeth, and a black shirt with a red d20 on it. A microphone with a pop filter in the bottom-left corner.

Tiff Compton



What do you get when you mix equal parts sci-fi nerd, cheese connoisseur and cat mom? Well, sprinkle in a pinch of gaming-related carpal tunnel and you've baked yourself a Tiff Gâteau, pal. I'm an aspiring VO/VA whose love of animation, table top RPGs, and video games caused me to finally try the art form out in 2023 at 35 years old. I'm a newbie, but I'm hungry for it.

When I heard Kaya was putting together a Mass Effect TTRPG, you bet your batarian booty I jumped at the chance to participate. I dedicated my forearm to an N7 tattoo, after all. Gotta represent. Anyway, not to get meta or anything but, I should go.

You can find me at

Head and shoulders of a young white woman with long brown hair. Her white shirt and face are splattered with multicoloured paint, and she is wearing a rainbow earring.

Amanda Cotter


"Can I squish him?"

You may remember me from such movies as: The Voice Telling You to Eat that Block of Cheese at 2:00 AM and Social Anxiety: Hyperventilating at a Party Until Finding the Host’s Pet.

Beyond the recesses of the mind, I’m a voice actor, improviser, singer, and TTRPG player lurking indoors in Portland, Oregon. If you’re my friend, you know me as Commanda; and if you’re my iPhone, you know me as Commander Shepard. I love bringing stories to life and hope someday to join the annals of Mass Effect history alongside Francis Kitt’s all-elcor production of Hamlet and Mordin Solis’s iconic turn as a Scientist Salarian.

You can endure more of me at and on social media @ac_pi.

A cartoon-style drawing of a white man with short brown hair and a short beard and mustache. He is sitting in front of a stack of books and a boom microphone. He is smiling.

Hans Cummings


"I'll have you know being a bump on a log is a family tradition!"

I'm a voice over artist, author, tabletop and video gamer, who survives Midwest existence with my wife and cat. I’ve been playing tabletop role-playing games since you had to color in the numbers on your soft, cheap, polyhedral dice with crayons and my video game adventurer was a square being chased by a duck-looking dragon. I cook, drink a lot of coffee and tea, and know too much pointless trivia that I’ll probably never be able to put to practical use. As a Forever GM, I’m thrilled to be able to finally play a character that’s as weird and wacky as my NPCs.

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A young woman with long, dark hair over one shoulder. She is wearing a dark spaghetti-strap tank top and smiling.

Ché Grové


I’m newer to voice acting, but have been a life-long nerd and have always lived in my imagination and stories. Whether witnessing or creating stories told through music, movies, books, video games, or visual art, I love it all! I got into TTRPGs a few years ago for the same reasons - I love the organic story crafting and character development.

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A young white man with long brown hair and a trimmed beard and mustache stands behind a boom mic. He is wearing glasses and a black t-shirt. He is grinning at the camera and throwing up the horns.

Chase Hutchison


I’m a Dallas-based voice actor and life-long nerddom enthusiast. I especially love lore and worldbuilding, which is why I'm so excited for these campaigns.

Professionally, I've worked as a salesman, a bartender, a Fortune 500 corporate manager, and an IT professional: my ADHD brain loves making connections from seemingly unrelated industries - it keeps life fun and gives me an edge.

I’m excited to manifest the ball of chaos that is Gratch, the vorcha vanguard. It'll be a blast!

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The head and shoulders of a white man with short black hair, and a short, bushy black beard and mustache. He is wearing square black glasses and is raising one eyebrow quizzically at the camera.

JD Kelly


Hello there, I'm an English Voice Actor who fell in love with exploring new worlds and stories. Naturally I fell into playing D&D and other TTRPGs and also love video games, the chance to put all that together in a Mass Effect TTRPG is, essentially, a perfect storm. I look forward to the chaos! I am also a musician by night making rock music with my band and writing in other genres for people around the world.

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A waist-up photograph of a young white man with short brown hair, beard, and mustaache. He is wearing glasses, a maroon shirt, a dark green jacket, and is smiling.

Hunter LaPaglia


I am a voice actor, streamer, IT guy, and overall professional nerd all wrapped up in one. I'm relatively new to TTRPGs but have absolutely loved my time with them and cannot wait to dive even further in! I'm also pretty new to Mass Effect as a whole so I'm super excited to learn more about this amazing universe!

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A light-skinned woman with long brown hair sits cross-legged on the floor with one hand under her chin. She is wearing white sneakers, black sweatpants, and a white tank top that reads 'Mojitos made me do it'. She is half-smiling at the camera, which is looking up at her from the floor.

Lea Lawson


I'm a novice voice actor, traveller, and daydreamer from Australia. I’ve played video games for as long as I can remember and have been enamoured by all forms of acting forever, so it’s high time I made the jump into the world I so love! My VA heroes are Laura Bailey, Ashly Burch, and Jennifer Hale, and one day I want to be able to bring wonder and joy to others just as they have. For now, I’m here to improv the hell out of our extended Mass Effect Universe with our fantastic crew and have fun whilst doing it! Let’s play!

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A young white woman with short brown hair, buzzed on one side and brushed over her forehead. She is wearing an ear cuff and looking up thoughtfully, and has one hand lifted to her chin.

Kaya Renwick


I'm just your friendly neighbourhood world-builder and storyteller. I wear many hats, among them vocal coach, voice actor, author, and opera singer. I live in the Maritimes with my spouse and our pets, including the border collie with whom I walk through a Christmas tree farm every day. I will jump at any chance to tell a story, especially with friends, and the nerdier the better.

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A heavily red-tinged head and shoulders photo of a young white woman with long brown hair. She is facing the camera with a challenging expression.

Leah Ryan


Mama would have said double-tap...

I'm an American voice actor, RPG enthusiast, and big ol' chaos gremlin. I've got two cats, Axel and Roxas, I snort when I laugh hard enough, and I lose my glasses just about every day.

I love stories with characters that sink their hooks into my heart and don't let go. Mass Effect is one of the best stories I've had the privilege to enjoy and I am so excited to play in the world with other people who are just as loud about their love of sci-fi nerdom.

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A white man sits on a front step. He is bald with a black beard and mustache. He is wearing black sunglasses, a black dress shirt and tie, black trousers, and black pants. He has a tattoo sleeve on his left arm.

Dan Spitaliere


I'm a voice actor, sound designer, podcaster, and tabletop/video game and pro wrestling enthusiast. I live in Western New York with my wife and child and our dog Dusty Rhodes. I love stories and I'm excited to get any opportunity to tell them. Bioware was one of the studios that helped me discover this, dating back to Knights of the Old Republic. How cool is it that I get to weave tales with these great people and live in our unofficial version of Bioware's original world?

Check me out at, at VoxSpitaliere on social media, or find my other podcast, Duderonomy, A Ninja Turtles Retread, anywhere you get your podcasts.