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Things you will probably want to know about Kaya's vision of the post-ME3 galaxy.

Every One That Asketh

Complicated: involves Reapers.

All post-canon material is written by Kaya Renwick. Underneath the pseudo "istie" on the Archive of Our Own, she has published a detailed exploration of the years following the Battle of London in her fanfic Every One That Asketh. EOTA was initially posted in 2012 and is slated for completion by 2025, although Ms Renwick already has plans for a sequel and several spinoffs.

Every One That Asketh features universe rebuilding, universe bending, trauma recovery, Easter eggs, and statistically significant amounts of Shakarian.

The Ao

The ao are a race best classed as 'formerly organic'. Over eight thousand years ago, their homeworld was threatened by its star prematurely going supernova. To escape, they created a starship wherein they downloaded their consciousnesses into quantum computers, and piloted it via FTL out of the system.

The first sapient life they encountered were the salarians, when their starship entered the Antilin system in 2185 CE. During negotiations with the Citadel Council for a secondary power source, it was discovered that the ao were able to 'transfer' their consciousnesses into other sapient minds; some 400 individuals volunteered for the procedure in order to allow the ao to experience the galaxy and to, in turn, experience the ao's culture. Upon the outbreak of hostilies in 2186, the ao opted to return to their starship and go into hibernation in the hopes of escaping notice. They succeeded, and have since rejoined the galactic community.

Now, while some still seek out organic volunteers, most ao choose to inhabit advanced mechs which, while superficially resembling the infiltration units used by multiple Council species, are capable of projecting a constant full-body hologram of the ao’s original corporeal form: an elongated head tapering to a sharp point in the back, with no obvious eyes; two arms, each hand with five long fingers; and a thick torso ending in a long serpentine tail. Their ‘skin’ shimmers in varying colours dependent on the ao’s personality and mood. The effect is widely considered to resemble a nebula. These lights are most dense on their faces, where they shift as they speak.

The Batarians

The batarian survivors of the Reaper War number a scant hundred and fifty thousand. This barely viable population seized the opportunity of a Council seat and petitioned for a new homeworld, which they received in part due to the staunch advocacy of Councillor Shepard. The nascent Batarian Assembly has settled on the harsh ocean world of Yamm, in the Kalabsha system of the Nubian Expanse, where they hope to harness the planet's abundance of algae into the economical foundation for their new society. They have thrown off the stifling oppression of the millennium-old Hegemony, and are embracing traditions long thought to be dead.

The Citadel Council

As of January 2189, the Citadel Council is comprised of fifteen members.

  • The ao are represented by Sygan.
  • Tevos S'Celit retains her seat for the asari.
  • The batarian councillor is Ka'hairal Balak.
  • Bekkam holds the position of elcor councillor.
  • The geth representative uses the moniker Genesis.
  • Irdryllyn is the councillor for both the hanar and the drell.
  • The human councillorship is held by Shepard.
  • Urdnot Bakara represents the krogan.
  • The quarian councillor is Zaal'Koris vas Qwib-Qwib.
  • Reflections-in-Deep-Waters holds the rachni councillorship.
  • The raloi are represented by Ari'ka.
  • Valern Narale continues to represent the salarians.
  • The turian councillor remains Sparatus Lexios.
  • Din Korlack occupies the volus seat.
  • The vorcha are represented by Koshek.


Following the Battle of London, Earth gradually fell into chaos as Sol's radiation slowly increased, for reasons yet unknown, and the Cerberus splinter group Minos radicalized humanity's survivors against alien intervention using trauma to encourage isolationism.

In the vacuum of power left by the annihilation of Arcturus Station and the decimation of Earth's nation-states, Minos established itself as the primary force of civil governance on Earth with the help of Clara Goyle, granddaughter of humanity's first galactic ambassador. Their staunch isolationist and human-supremacist policies resulted in refusal of foreign aid.

The Geth

The geth fell dormant during the dénouement of the Battle of London. In its aftermath, their hundreds of thousands of mobile platforms were stored in container ships and returned to Rannoch. In December 2188, they spontaneously restarted, and have since contributed their considerable forces to rebuilding efforts, particularly in conjunction with the quarians. They have also provided copies of much data believed lost to the Reapers' destruction, thanks to their establishment of a database superstation of unrivalled size in dark space beyond the Far Rim.


Minos was formed by Cerberus soldiers who survived the war. Led by General Alexander Trechenkov, they espouse human supremacist ideals, isolationist politics, and guerrilla and intimidation tactics to achieve their ends. They are proficient and clever operatives rivalling any species' special operations corps.

As of January 2189, Minos has left Earth and are now at large in the galaxy.

The Rachni

For the first time since before the Rachni Wars, the arthropodal rachni are welcomed - if occasionally nervously - into civilized society. Their queen, Free-Flickering-Flame, who was saved by Commander Shepard both on Noveria and Utukku, leads her multitudinous brood in great choruses of peace and harmony. They are busily rebuilding the great crystalline cities of Suen and sharing their unique technologies with the rest of the galaxy.

The Raloi

The raloi first encountered the wider galaxy in 2184, when they launched their first space telescope and spotted the asari cruiser Azedes in-system. After rocky first-contact negotiations (including the accidental dispersal of an alien flu amongst the raloi), the avian aliens opted to retreat to their homeworld of Turvess to ride out the Reaper War, in the hopes of being overlooked as 'pre-spacefaring'. Once the danger was past, Council diplomats reached out to the head of the Raloi Congressional Caucus, and they have since rejoined the galaxy.

The raloi are four-armed digitigrade avian bipeds with wings that arch up over their heads. They have frontally set eyes, short beaks which range from hooked to pointed, and a wide variety of colourations and feathering styles. The top set of hands sports three long, sharp talons with no opposable thumb; the lower set has a thumb and three fingers with much shorter talons.