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Podcast Feeds

Dangerous…Dangers Main Episodes

Ride of the Valkyrie Main Episodes

Dangerous…Dangers Bonus Episodes

Ride of the Valkyrie Bonus Episodes


Full transcripts are available in RTF and PDF for every episode. Massive thanks to the transcription team, which includes Amanda Cotter, Hans Cummings, Lea Lawson, and Kaya Renwick.


  • Introduction — RTFPDF

Ride of the Valkyrie

Main Episodes

  • Episode One: A Hanar Floats into a BarRTFPDF
  • Episode Two: Fish Flakes and Inkjet PrintersRTFPDF
  • Episode Three: The Prettiest Vorcha at the BallRTFPDF
  • Episode Four: Dancing with the AsteroidsRTFPDF

Bonus Episodes

  • Minisode One: Carver's Terrible, Horrible DayRTFPDF
  • Minisode Two: The Eternal Sunshine of the Enkindled MindRTFPDF

Dangerous… Dangers

Main Episodes

  • Episode One: Incognito is My Middle NameRTFPDF
  • Episode Two: But… Does it Come in Blue?RTFPDF
  • Episode Three: Many Legs Make Light WorkRTFPDF
  • Episode Four: Rumble on the PresidiumRTFPDF

Bonus Episodes

  • Minisode One: Jesse's No Good, Very Bad Day - RTFPDF
  • Minisode Two: Solace Phone Home - RTFPDF
  • Minisode Three: Athena Consults Her Rolodex - RTFPDF